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Our goal is to:

  • Research, teach, practice, and preserve Native American and other indigenous healing and cultural traditions. Build respect and appreciation for these traditions.

  • Help non-indigenous people trace their roots back to the common soil of humanity. All human ancestors lived in harmony with their environment and learned the lessons of healing from Mother Earth and Creator.

  • Promote peace, understanding, and dialogue between diverse spiritual paths.

  • Create bridges between ancient and modern healing sciences.

  • Help preserve indigenous lands and rights through education, peaceful activism, and financial support.

About Our Logo

The snake and hawk logo (© Kenneth Cohen) was created by the talented Cherokee artist Erik Matilla as a symbol of Kenneth Cohen's teachings and multi- faceted interests.

The snake represents the electricity of life-- visible in lightning, felt in earthquakes, and sensed as a subtle power within mountains and other places of spiritual power. The snake, which sheds its skin, is also a universal symbol of transformation and spiritual renewal. Moreover, because the snake is close to the earth, many indigenous people teach that the snake knows the healing plants. In Chinese culture, the snake is the symbol of qi, the vital energy that flows through the meridians and all of nature. The snake teaches people to flow and to remain supple and relaxed.

The earthy, yin snake is balanced by the heavenly, yang hawk. The hawk, like the eagle, is a messenger that takes our prayers up the Creator. The hawk teaches us to have high goals, not to get caught in ruts or small-mindedness. Because of the hawk's speed and sharp vision, he/she also represents quick and precise perception. The hawk sees life in grand perspective, and although content to ride the air currents, is quick to act when action is required.

"Ken Bear Hawk is a true medicine person who is trying to help the people that need help. He has helped me; he has helped my wife. I am proud to walk hand in hand as a brother to Ken Bear Hawk. We walk as friends, we walk in the spirit world, we walk together. We help each other, we help other people. This is the medicine way of the Indian people. I've always considered Ken Bear Hawk a powerful medicine man because he has been given by the people of our tribes the secrets that are not given to very many people today. I stand behind him one hundred percent."
--War Eagle (Cherokee-Lumbee)



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